Child Hunger in Canada

A Growing Hunger

Imagine starting every day hungry, unable to focus on what your teacher is saying over your growling stomach and pounding headache. Unfortunately for too many Canadian children, this is a reality. When a child is hungry it is hard to learn, and yet 1 million Canadian children – that’s 1 in 6 – face hunger every year.

Hunger has a huge impact on a child’s ability to learn and function. It prevents them from reaching their full potential in the classroom, and in life.

Children who go to school hungry risk many lifelong consequences including less developed literacy and numeracy skills and poor health due to a lack of good nutrition.  This can impact long-term physical and mental health and socio-economic outcomes.

More Than a Meal

While there are many causes of child hunger, we know that school nutrition programs provide one answer. The positive impact a school nutrition program has in the life of a child is both immediate and long-term.

Nutrition programs improve learning. Research has shown that when children participate in a nutrition program their attendance, behaviour, attitude and mood improves while test scores and comprehension increase.

Research also shows us that when a child receives a breakfast it improves their overall nutrient consumption and positive attitudes towards eating breakfast – positive attitudes that help foster lifelong healthy eating habits.

How You Can Help

With every healthy breakfast, lunch and snack served, students are better able to meet the academic challenges presented each school day – providing the best chance at success in life.

You can help make this possible by making an online donation, Giving a Gift That Nourishes or by holding your own event to raise funds. You can also keep in touch by joining us on Facebook and Twitter.